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About me

39 years old, I have been studying traditional Chinese medicine for more than 7 years. Trained at the Faculty of Medicine of Montpellier, I obtained several university degrees in TCM: Fundamental Theories and Diagnosis, Tuina and Therapeutic Qi Gong, Pharmacopoeia and Formulas, Internal Medicine and Acupuncture. A life experience in mainland China in Dalian allows me to do various clinical internships in hospitals and to deepen my knowledge. In France, I completed my training with Catherine Lewicki in Zen Shiatsu (Iokai School: Masunaga method). I am trained in the global method, fasciatherapy and trigger points at the Tissual Balancing Academy in Montpellier. After working in a firm in Montpellier, I moved to Paris in 2016. I now concentrate most of my activity around the practice of well-being massage; an art that I particularly like, because I consider it a fundamental therapeutic art. I also hold the position of SPA manager for the HERBORIST brand in Opéra where I enrich myself with massage techniques and train myself in facial treatments.

David Ben Soussan Massothérapeute

My approach

More and more of you are experiencing the therapeutic benefits of massage. To permanently relieve mental, physical and muscular tensions, I suggest that you include this ancestral discipline of relaxation in your routine. How to deeply educate your body and your mind to relaxation without taking the time and trouble regularly inviting it to relax and unwind? 
Trained in France and China in Tuina, holder of university degrees in TCM and graduated in Zen Shiatsu, I have always aspired to revolutionize the use of well-being massage by promoting its repetition. The manual techniques  of acupressure, percussion, kneading and stretching of the massage   stimulate the free flow of Qi (energy) in the acupuncture meridians and promote the tendency body and mind naturally seek fluidity and balance. It is this tendency that I seek to awaken/rekindle in the receiver in my practice as a masseur. 

Massage thérapeutique Empreinte Zen
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